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Abreviaturas para uso en SMS y WhatsApp

50 Text Messaging (Short Message Service (=SMS)) and WhatsApp Abbreviations  Pt2

Abbreviations M to Z

  • MoF               Male or Female
  • MTFBWY      May the Force be with You
  • MYOB            Mind Your Own Business
  • N-A-Y-L         In a While
  • NAZ               Name, Address, ZIP
  • NC                 No Comment
  • NIMBY           Not in my Backyard
  • NM                 Never Mind / Nothing Much
  • NP                 No Problem
  • NSFW            Not Safe for Work
  • NTIM            Not that it Matters
  • NVM              Never Mind
  • OATUS          On a totally Unrelated Subject
  • OIC               Oh, I See
  • OMW           On My Way
  • OTL              Out to Lunch
  • OTP              On the Phone
  • P911            Parent Alert
  • PAL              Parents are Listening
  • PAW             Parents are Watching
  • PIR               Parent in Room
  • POS             Parent over Shoulder
  • QT                 Cutie
  • RN                Right Now
  • RU                Are You
  • SEP              Someone else’s Problem
  • SITD               Still in the Dark
  • SLAP             Sounds like a Plan
  • SMIM              Send Me an Instant Message
  • SO                  Significant Other
  • TMI                 Too Much Information
  • UR                  Your / You are
  • W8                   Wait
  • WB                  Welcome Back
  • WYCM             Will You Call Me?
  • WYWH            Wish You Were Here
  • XOXOXOX       Hugs, Kisses, …

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